Scotch Ale - Beer Recipe Kit

Scotch Ale - Beer Recipe Kit
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(Makes 5 gallons) A huge malty beer with a deep rich copper color. Has a flavor a little reminiscent of single malt Scotch with smoky overtones and roasted flavors. With a 1.075 to 1.080 starting gravity and 24 IBU of bitterness, it is distinctly malty, but not cloying like some Scotch Ales. Scotch Ale strains typically ferment well down to 60 degrees and leave behind very few esters or fruity flavors, emphasizing the malt. Estimated Original Gravity:1.082-86 SRM (Color Range: 18 IBU's: 21-23 Estimated Alcohol Percentage: 8% Our recipe kits DO NOT include grain bags or yeast. The recommended yeast(s) can be found below. All grains will come milled unless otherwise requested at the time of purchase.


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