Rogue's Blackened Brutal Bitter Ale - Beer Recipe Kit

Rogue's Blackened Brutal Bitter Ale - Beer Recipe Kit
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(Makes 5 gallons) John is at it again! Since purchasing our B3-2050 Brewing Sculpture a few years back, John Maier has created many specialty recipes just for himself. And since his I2PA was such a hit when we released it, we asked him for another one. Being the nice guy that he is, he sent over one of his private, 2050-System-only, impossible-to-taste-unless-you-live-in-Newport, Oregon brews - Blackened Brutal Bitter! John took his production beer, the wonderful Brutal Bitter, tweaked it around a bit and added some Carafa for color. The taste is out of this world! Try it and let us know. Or better yet, drop John a line and tell him! Estimated Original Gravity:1.062-66 SRM (Color Range: 30 IBU's: 67-71 Estimated Alcohol Percentage: 6.25% Our recipe kits DO NOT include grain bags or yeast. The recommended yeast(s) can be found below. All grains will come milled unless otherwise requested at the time of purchase.


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