PLAATO Airlock - WiFi Fermentation Analyzer

PLAATO Airlock - WiFi Fermentation Analyzer
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PLAATO is a brand-new way of analyzing your ongoing fermentation. This digital airlock sends information about your fermentation straight to your phone – monitoring specific gravity, fermentation activity, alcohol percentage, and ambient temperature – and does so 100% non-invasively. For every single batch, a unique fermentation analysis report is generated that helps you understand what’s going on from start to finish. Know when (and if) your fermentation begins, how the yeast works its way through the wort, and how temperature steps affect the rate of fermentation. With each batch you’ll gain more and more insight into the fermentation process. Plaato connects to your local WiFi and uploads data every five minutes, which you can view at any time with the free Plaato App for iOS and Android devices. How PLAATO Airlock Works In the fermentation process the glucose in the wort is mainly converted into equal amounts of ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide. The liquid alcohol remains in the beer, and the gaseous CO2 bubbles up and out of your fermenter. In other words, by knowing the amount of CO2 that has been produced we also know the amount of alcohol produced. This is exactly what Plaato tracks. Plaato Airlock measures the flow of CO2, and knows at any time the total amount of gas that has escaped the fermenter. This data is instantly included in their advanced algorithms and valuable data can be calculated. This technique is used by laboratories all over the world, but Plaato is the first commercial product that utilizes this chemical relation and technology to give valuable information to brewers. Designed by Brewers The Plaato Airlock was developed from the ground up by a team of passionate homebrewers with practicality and ease-of-use in mind. Simply install the airlock, connect it to WiFi, and enter your starting gravity in the Plaato app. The airlock is made from food safe Tritan and can be broken down and sanitized with Star San or other commonly used chemicals. It's also splash proof and designed to withstand overflowing fermentations. PLAATO Airlock Micro USB power cable (10 ft.) Free iOS & Android app 2018 Red Dot award winner for Industrial Design


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