Mike's American Amber Ale - Beer Recipe Kit

Mike's American Amber Ale - Beer Recipe Kit
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(Makes 5 gallons) Mike makes great beer - just ask anyone in the shop. In fact, we all look forward to Fridays when Mike usually comes bearing gifts in the form of big Ambers and hoppy IPA's. So when his American Amber took Second Place out of 96 other Amber Ales at the 2003 Big Batch Brew Bash held by the KGB homebrew club in Houston Texas, we were not too surprised. We have been after him for awhile now for this recipe and he finally gave his consent, allowing this to be the 11th Signature Series kit. Mike started brewing about 7 years ago and has not stopped since. This beer has won 4 first Place Ribbons and 3 Second Place ones, and it definitely shows. With about 13 pounds of malt and 4 hop additions, this is a full-bodied, hop-forward beer. Not for the weak of heart! Mike uses White Labs California Ale Yeast, WLP001. For brewers who like to adjust their water, Mike has included his mineral adjustments for you: Ca - 110 ppm; Mg - 21 ppm; Na - 21ppm; SO4 - 333 ppm; Cl - 45 ppm. The Mash and Sparge water are adjustd to a PH of 5.6. Mike also recommends a Sacchrification rest for 90 minutes at 152 followed by a 15 minute raise to 170 and a 15 minute Mash Out rest at 170. Recently, this beer won the Gold Medal at the National Homebrew Competition in Las Vegas! Mike was on hand to accept and, as usual, he had a full keg of his beer there to share. When it comes time to drink this beer, raise one for Mike. Estimated Original Gravity:1.055-59 SRM (Color Range: 14 IBU's: 40-44 Estimated Alcohol Percentage: 5.4% Our recipe kits DO NOT include grain bags or yeast. The recommended yeast(s) can be found below. All grains will come milled unless otherwise requested at the time of purchase.


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