Jim Baumann's Milk Stout - Beer Recipe Kit

Jim Baumann's Milk Stout - Beer Recipe Kit
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(Makes 5 gallons) Jim was looking for a dark, smooth, creamy mouth feel stout just like an Australian stout he had tasted years ago. Over the years, Jim found a clone that was close but needed some small changes. After many trials and test batches, he came up with this recipe that is very drinkable when it is fresh. It will get smoother with a couple months of aging and creaminess added by the lactose makes this a very good winter warming stout. Jim hopes you enjoy this beer as much as he has. Jim recommends WLP004 Irish ale yeast. Estimated Original Gravity:1.052-56 SRM (Color Range: 39 IBU's: 39-43 Estimated Alcohol Percentage: 5.25% Our recipe kits DO NOT include grain bags or yeast. The recommended yeast(s) can be found below. All grains will come milled unless otherwise requested at the time of purchase.


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