Great Western Domestic 2-Row Malt

Great Western Domestic 2-Row Malt
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1.8L Great Western. A great base malt that can be used in single infusion mashes. Provides for a soft malt character in the finished beer. Used by a majority of the West Coast microbreweries as their base malt for multiple styles. This malt is also the first substitute for someone looking for 6-row malt. Example Malt Analysis: TYPE: Premium Two Row Malt Great Western Malting Company Chemical Analysis Moisture, % 4.4 Extract %, finely ground malt, as is 77.9 Extract %, finely ground malt, dry basis 81.5 Extract %, coarsley ground malt, as is 76.2 Extract %, coarsley ground malt, dry basis 80.4 F/C Difference % 1.1 Color, laboratory Wort, degrees Lovibond 2.07 Viscosity 1.47 Beta Glucan, ppm 55 Diastatic Power 141 Alpha Amylase (DU) 58.5 Total Soluble Protein %, dry basis 5.37 Total Protein %, dry basis 11.33 S/T Ratio % 47.4 Conversion, minutes 5-7 Aroma of Mash Aromatic Filtration Time Normal Clarity of Wort 11


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