21st Amendment's Bitter American Ale - Beer Recipe Kit

21st Amendment's Bitter American Ale - Beer Recipe Kit
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Shaun is known for creating beers that are well-balanced while doing some unique things, such as using watermelon juice in a wheat beer, or oyster shells in an oatmeal stout. His Assistant brewer Jesse created this beer, an easy-drinking pale ale with few bittering hops but giant fistfuls of flavor and aroma hops. This beer has low alcohol and a soft malt backbone with an incredible hop finish - your answer to the hop shortage! Jesse and Shaun recommend using WLP001. Shaun O'Sullivan of the 21st Amendment, San Francisco, California Shaun's brewing career started like most in the beer industry - homebrewing. While working at a Southern California law firm, Shaun was spending his time making beers at home. After about 2 years, he not only decided that he wanted to make beer for a living, but that he wanted to open his own place! Shaun moved up to the SF Bay Area to start working at a few local breweries, while taking several brewing courses at UC Davis. Shaun eventually teamed up with his business partner Nicco Freccia, and together, they founded the 21st Amendment Brewery and Restaurant. They are one of the few breweries in the country leading the craft beer canning revolution, canning their "Brew Free or Die" IPA, and their "Hell or High Watermelon", which is an American-style Wheat beer brewed with real watermelon juice. When in San Francisco, visit Shaun at the brewery (563 2nd Street), which is just two blocks from Giants park.


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